A Tough Teacher Is A Kind Hearted Man

A tough teacher from Los Angeles surprised his students when they found out he was actually a very kind hearted man. Jim O’Connor, known as Mr.O’Connor to his students at St.Francis High School, is a math teacher known for his, shall we say, tough exterior? The 70 year old Vietnam vet is not loved by his students, rather, they’re a bit afraid of him. He doesn’t think school is for fun, he thinks learning is a serious thing, not about entertainment, and so his students know they need to pay attention.

Recently though, one of his students was organizing a student blood drive and while at the hospital he met some staff members who knew Mr.O’Connor. They all commented on how he was such a wonderful man and it shocked the student. But what he found out really surprised him. It turns out that Mr.O’Connor visits the Blood Donor Centre regularly and there’s even a plaque on the wall bearing his name as he’s the record holder for donating blood there. And what he found out next was almost unbelievable! The student learned that Mr.O’Connor also volunteers at the hospital with sick babies. Three days a week for the past 20 years, Mr.O’Connor visits the hospital to cuddle, feed and comfort sick babies while their parents aren’t able to be there.

O’Connor has never been married and doesn’t have children but he thoroughly enjoys spending time with the babies and the nursing staff think he’s invaluable. One of the nurses tells CBS News that the babies seem to be calmed by him and they fall asleep for him.

While his tough exterior may have led his students to think he was a bit of an old grump, it just goes to show, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

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