Touching Ad Reminds us Technology Can’t Replace Love

Technology is allowing us to do many things we couldn’t do in the past. It’s making some tasks so much easier, entertaining us, giving us directions, and so much more. But it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the technology and live our lives through a tiny screen on a smartphone.

But there is one thing technology can never That is the message in this heartwarming commercial. Once you get past the fact that maybe this new dad might need to brush up on his fundamental parenting skills, the idea behind this ad is a simple one. Don’t let technology get in the way of our basic human relationships. Because, as the Beatles once said, All you need is Love.

If you love heartwarming commercials, make sure to check out this beautiful ad for a bank that turns an ATM into an “Automated Thanking Machine”.

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Check out this info-graphic of the many ways that a dependency on technology, and our smart phones in particular, is wreaking havoc on our lives:

Infographic courtesy of Who Is Hosting This

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