A Touchdown To Melt Your Heart

When do football players plan in advance to not score in a game? When they’re the team from Olivet Middle School from Michigan and they want to make someone’s day. Without even their coaches knowing their plan, the Eagles football players decided to not score during a game to allow a schoolmate to live out his dream with a surprise play.

At a home game the Eagles hoped to get the ball as close to the end zone as they could but without crossing it. The QB even had to take a dive to stop from getting a touchdown. And what happened next is so amazing. Schoolmate Keith Orr is learning disabled but the Olivet Eagles invited him to play in the next play of that game giving Keith the chance to score a touchdown, and he did. The best part of this story though isn’t just that Keith got to live out a very special moment in life thanks to that surprise play, but that all of the team realized just how great it feels to put others first. This video will melt your heart.

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