Throwback Thursday – Born Before the 90’s Tribute. Congrats You Made It!

Here at Doog News we’re starting a new weekly feature called Throwback Thursday! We’ll post something from our past to remind us of our youth. It could be heart-warming, funny, or even really embarrassing! Or, if you’re much younger than we are, it will be a lesson in stuff that existed back in the good old days.

To kick things off we thought this video perfectly sums it up. If you were born in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even the early 80’s we think you’ll appreciate this tribute to our youth and our survival. Oh and congrats, you made it! And so did we.

And, if there’s something you’d love to see on our Throwback Thursday posts, just let us know. Send us your request and even a video link on our Contact Page. I’m thinking we’re going to see lots of 80s hair in this weekly feature. Now that’s worthy of a good laugh! Happy Thursday!

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