Terminally Ill Man Fulfills Wish to Deliver Doughnuts

Chris Rosati is both in the prime of his life and at the end of it. About a year ago, this 42-year-old marketing vice president and father of two was diagnosed with ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

After Chris was diagnosed, he did something you might not expect.  He applied to be a Krispy Kreme Doughnut delivery man.  Rosati always had a dream of driving around in a doughnut delivery truck to deliver doughnuts to kids.

When Krispy Kreme found out, they wanted to help.  So they let him use the Krispy Kreme Kruiser, a bus stocked with doughnuts.

Why did Chris want to do this?  “We’re glad to make some people smile,” he told CBS News.

Chris says if dying has taught him anything, it’s about how to live. He says you have to do what you can to make people smile while you still have the chance. He really wants kids, especially, to know that.

“Because if I can’t impact people, this whole thing is a waste,” he says.

Source: CBS News

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