Down Syndrome Power Lifting Superhero with a Soft Touch

Unlike most superheroes Jonathan Stoklosa still lives at home. He doesn’t wake up ready to save the world. And unlike most superheroes, Jonathan was born with Down Syndrome. But he doesn’t let that stop him from being the best at what he does. Whether at his job a the local super market, or as a power lifter, where he competes not as a Special Olympics, but as an incredible power lifter, period. He regularly finishes in the top 3 of all the competitions he enters. He can bench press over 400 pounds.

Stoklosa began lifting when he was 12 years old, according to RYOT News. By the age of 13, he could bench-press 185 pounds. At 16, that number was 225. In 1999, he took home the gold medal at the Special Olympics World Games.

In a recent upstate New York powerlifting competition, Stoklosa placed third in his age division after bench-pressing 402.5 pounds. He also unanimously won the ‘Most Inspirational’ award, the News Journal reported.

“Your son is admired by people” CBS News’ Steve Hartman tells Jonathan’s parents Liz and Hank. “That had to be something you could never have fathomed.” “That was not even never, ever thought of when you hold a little baby and they tell you that he has Down Syndrome” says Jonathan’s dad. “Yeah, Jon changed our life.”

Source: CBS News

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