Surprise Valentine’s Singing

Well isn’t this romantic!  As we approach Valentine’s day , it’s surprise Valentine’s singing that might just make you smile.  Stuart Edge is a YouTube prankster who loves to have fun with people.  In this video he surprises unsuspecting women with some surprise Valentine’s singing of love songs.  It’s hilarious to watch the reactions of these girls as a group of guys serenades them with barbershop choir singing.  Some seem a little frightened by it all, but every one of them ends up smiling.

Stuart Edge has become an internet sensation with his videos, garnering over 42 million views on his YouTube channel, even appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show.  His Mistletoe Kiss prank video has had over 23 million views alone.

The singing group in the video is called Vocal Point and they are from Brigham Young University.  It’s a 9 member group and they’ve been featured on the NBC show “Sing Off”, which features acapella groups competing in weekly singing competition.  You can see more of their videos at their YouTube channel, which has over 11,000 subscribers.

These two team up for a heartwarming video featuring some great Valentine’s singing.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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