Son Surprises Dad by Finding Long Lost Car

What an amazing father’s day gift!  In this commercial for Chevy a son surprises his dad by finding his long lost car, a 1965 Chevy Impala, the exact same car that he once provided this family with so many great memories.

The dad in the video was the first owner of the classic car, and the first to drive it off the lot.   In the words of his son, “It was more than a car to him.  It really was his baby”.  Dad was the owner of the car for over 20 years, finally selling it in the mid-eighties, only giving up the car because they needed some extra money to make ends meet.

His son wanted to reunite his dad with this meaningful piece of their family history, so he did an online search for the vehicle identification number.  They found the owner and sent multiple letters asking about the car, with no response.  Eventually the owner told him that the car was now in Canada.  But the good news was that it was for sale, so he called the owner and bought the car over the phone.

So 30 years later the two brothers convinced their dad that a film crew was there to film a story of three generations of fathers and sons as they spent the day at the park. They presented the car to their unsuspecting father, now a grandfather as well, with beautiful results, which you can see in this heartwarming video. The dad’s reaction at seeing his old car, that meant so much to him, is priceless.

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