Singing Doctor

The birth of a baby is a miraculous thing and a moment new parents will never forget. For medical staff involved in births on a daily basis I imagine it can be equally special every single time, though for some it might just become a job (I have no idea how but that’s just me!).

For one doctor in Pittsburgh, he believes that each birth is a special moment and every baby is deserving of a warm welcome. Dr.Carey Andrew-Jaja of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has delivered thousands of babies and all of them have one thing in common: they were welcomed to the world with a song sung by Dr.Andrew-Jaja.

This tradition, initially started by his mentor, was passed on to Dr.Andrew-Jaja upon the mentor’s retirement and Dr.Andrew-Jaja doesn’t just sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the newborns but others songs like “What a Wonderful World’. While he really enjoys singing, he really feels that creating that bond with the babies through song is such a wonderful thing to do. It makes him feel good. And I have to admit, it makes me feel good too. I’ve watched this video a handful of times now and each time I hear him sing to the babes I am brought to tears with overwhelming emotion every time. Perhaps it’s because I’m a new parent myself and this is just so special to me.

What a wonderful gift he is giving song to the babies and their families, and, what a wonderful gift he is to the world. There really are some amazing people in this world of ours.

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