The 1 Secret to a Happy Family – Science of Happiness

If you ask any person on the street what they want in life and what they want for their family, you are almost guaranteed to get one answer: “To be happy”.   Well there actually is a scientific answer to living a happy life and having a happy family.  Our friends at Soul Pancake have a series that explores the science of happiness and in this video they try to find out how parents can do a better job of spreading happiness to their kids and family.

Being a parent isn’t an easy job.  You’ve spent your life only having to worry about yourself, then suddenly you are thrust into parenthood and you have to make the shift from Me to We.  Luckily science has discovered that within days of becoming a parent, our brains actually rewire to make us better parents.  Our brains grow new brain cells to make us better parents.

In the video, the host interviews a parent and a child.  First they ask the kids a series of questions about their parent.  Questions like “If you could have any wish for your parent, what would it be” or “what worries you about your parent?”.  Then they invite the parents back in and ask them how they thought their kids answered the questions.  The answers reveal a lot about how to make your kids happy and have a happier family.  The parents are often surprised about what their kids want most…quality time with them.

What is the secret to being a good parent according to these kids?  It’s actually very simple..spending time with the kids is huge, but also making sure it’s quality time and that you are present during that quality time.  No phones, tvs, work, or other distractions.  Just you and your child.

Being happy isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.  But science is proving it’s a journey we can all make, and it’s definitely worth the trip!

Source:  Soul Pancake

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