Saturday Inspiration – Meet Chris the Farmhand

If you need a little Saturday inspiration, this video might just do the trick. Farmers are our lifeblood, and are often the unsung heroes of our world. And after you meet Chris, you may agree there has never been a more inspirational farmhand.

Farming is tough work. It requires hard physical labor, often from dawn until dusk. Every year, Apricot Lanes farms hires farmhands to help out. They have a lot of excellent farmhands that work very hard, but none as hard working as Chris. Despite his physical limitations, Chris is an inspiration to the other farmhands because of his amazing work ethic.

Watch this beautiful “Steep Your Soul” short from OWN TV and hear Chris’ extraordinary story.

See another heartwarming story from Apricot Lanes farms, in this story of what a baby lamb can teach us about life.

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