Rescue Dog Saves Baby

As a dog owner, we at Doog News love our four-legged friends. Our boy is not just a pet but he’s a part of our family. He’s a resuce pup and to be honest, even though I rescued him from the pound, really, he rescued me from a bad time in my life. Funny how that happens.

Dogs are really amazing animals and so in tune with what’s going on around them, including the emotions of their humans. They’re also super smart at helping to warn their humans of trouble. Remember Lassie, Benji and the Littlest Hobo? Ok, I know, they’re fictional TV pets but examples of the countless real life examples of pets helping to save people from danger.

In this video, the owners of rescue dog Duke have a wonderful story to tell of their rescue pup saving their 9 week old baby girl. The normally well behaved dog discovered that the baby was in distress and so he jumped on his owner’s bed and started shaking. Whether it was out of fear for the baby’s well being or intentional shaking, Duke was able to alert and wake up his owners. They knew this wasn’t normal behaviour for Duke and knew immediately he was warning them of something. When they checked on baby Harper she wasn’t breathing. Thanks to Duke, the baby was rushed to hospital and is now doing fine.

Talk about a happy Doog News story! If you liked this video we think you’ll also like this story of a failed service dog turned pet for special needs kids. So heart warming.

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