Referee Rescues adorable Timbits Hockey Goalie

This adorable referee rescue happened at a Timbits scrimmage during the intermission of a Montreal Canadians game in January.  The little goalie was struggling to skate to his net at the start of the game.   Referee Richard Murray, the Canadiens’ team manager of technical services, who filled in at the last minute when the scheduled ref didn’t show up for the game, noticed and made sure the tyke got to the net in time.

Timbits is a hockey league in Canada, funded by Tim Hortons, for players aged 4 to 8.  Lucky teams are chosen to play mini games during the breaks between periods of real NHL games, to the delight of thousands of fans.  It’s a huge thrill for the little hockey players, getting to play on NHL ice and hearing the roar of the crowd.  Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby got his start in the Timbits league and is a spokesman as well.

Original Video: SomeHockeyVideos

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