Recycle and You Help Feed Stray Dogs

We all know by now that we should recycle. Whether it’s paper, plastic, bottles or containers, recycling is definitely part of our current way of life. At least it is where we live. And while many are trying to now use reusable products so that we don’t have as much waste, here’s one example of recycling not only benefiting the environment, but also others in need.

A company in Turkey called Pugedo has developed Smart Recycling Boxes. It’s a vending machine of sorts as when you recycle your plastic container into the box at the top, it knows to dispense some food into the container below. Now it’s not going to be a turkey sandwich but rather dog food. The boxes are helping to feed homeless animals in the neighbourhood. Now while you might be thinking why encourage stray dogs in the city, the reality is that they exist and they don’t deserve to go hungry. So in addition to food for the four-legged strays, it also provides water to the animals. You can pour your leftover water into the recycling box and it funnels down into the water bowl below. Recycle and you help feed stray dogs. How sweet is that!

Not only do the boxes encourage recycling to help the environment, the recycled bottles cover the cost of the food and the hungry dogs get a decent meal. Sounds like a win win situation for everyone involved. Yay Pugedo! Way to be innovative and caring at the same time! Now the next step is helping to find these dogs good homes so they don’t have to live on the streets but one step at a time I suppose.

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