Plane Lands With Faulty Landing Gear

While the title of this post doesn’t sound like a happy, heart warming, good news story, and fair enough, luckily, the plane landed safely and all 140 lives on board were able to continue living. As someone who has been afraid of flying, in my book, this is definitely a Doog News story!!

My fear of flying has passed thankfully but the fear was always based on a worry that the plane would malfunction somehow and….well, you know. If I was on a plane and the same thing that happened in this video happened to me I know I would freak! I’d do my best to stay calm but come on, really, wouldn’t you freak out too?!

In this case the landing gear wasn’t working properly and this massive and heavy plane needed to come back to earth with or without fuel (yeah there’s that gravity thing), and malfunctioning landing gear can’t be a good thing. The plane had to circle over Los Angeles for hours before landing at LAX and that whole time the passengers and crew had to deal with the worry that things might not go well. I can’t even imagine and certainly don’t want to!

Thankfully for the 140 people on board, the pilots mastered this emergency landing and managed to stop the plane before it skidded to the end of the runway. Everyone was safe. Watching this video makes me thankful for the well trained pilots and crew that brought this aircraft down safely and here’s hoping every pilot is just as talented!

Photo credit: YouTube

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