National Cupcake Day for SPCAs & Humane Societies

If you haven’t noticed based on some recent posts like The Love of A Dog or Iraqi War Vet Finds Healing with Therapy Dog & Cat, we at Doog News love our 4-legged friends! Our little family happens to include a big hairy black barking version who we rescued 12 years ago and he’s the apple of our eye. That’s his pic below! Yes, I’m a proud mama. Ok, enough about him… So when we heard that February 24th is National Cupcake Day in support of SPCA’s and Humane Societies across Canada, we just had to let you know. Now we’re also massive cupcake fans so this is the perfect marriage in our Doog News eyes!

Ok, so what is this all about and how can we help the animals and/or get our paws on some yummy cupcakes?! It’s easy. Either sign up, bake some cupcakes, ask your friends and family to support the cause by donating to your cupcake cause and then eat the yummy cupcakes and give the money to your local SPCA, or, simply make a donation online. To find out which locations are participating or to register your bakery go to You could even bake cupcakes for the pooches too!

On February 24th, enjoy a cupcake (or 4!) and support the animals in need. We at Doog News certainly will be! Yum!

Photo: Taken by a dear Facebook friend from the 2013 Cupcake Day

Our Doog News Rescue Pup

ps- while Doog News is ‘good’ backwards, the name of our site was also inspired by our pup as we often call him Doogie. 🙂

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