Love Your Pet Day – Dog Escapes Patio Door

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day! Now while many people already love and pamper their pets on a regular basis, today is the day to do so to show some love and appreciation for your non-human being that lives in your home! And if you don’t have a pet, perhaps today you’ll consider adopting one or appreciate the pets of your family and friends.

In honour of Love Your Pet Day we at Doog News thought we’d share an amazing video of our 4-legged furry pet named Teddy Bear. At the age of 11 he decided he’d had enough of living inside the house and decided he wanted to go outside whenever he wanted too. When we got home from work one day he was out in the yard and at first we thought our house had been broken in to, but after taking this video we discovered what really was going on. We knew our boy was smart, but wow, he sure showed us!

This video shows Teddy Bear escaping through the patio door that has 2 locks on it and a wooden bar. Since he loves the outdoors so much and clearly didn’t want to be inside all day, we now treat him to regular off leash hikes in the woods with an amazing company called Boneheads. They even post photos and videos of him on his hikes. Have a peek at his year book. Yes, we’re proud parents of our doogie! And yes, we sometimes call him doogie or doogen, or doogie bear. And yes, that’s partially why we named our site Doog News. Not only is Doog ‘good’ backwards and as you know we love good news stories, but, we also love our pet!

So Happy Love Your Pet Day! You can guarantee our boy will be getting extra snuggles today and maybe a great big bone.

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