Kiva Keeps on Giving

There are so many charitable organizations around the world and many more people who like to support them. Sometimes though it’s hard to decide which ones to support whether it’s with our money or our time. A few years ago, my dear friend Jen introduced me to Kiva by donating to them in my name. It was my Christmas gift from her that year and one of the best gifts ever.

Kiva is an amazing not-for-profit organization that helps impoverished people from around the world become entrepreneurs so that they can support their families and the communities around them. Kiva asks people like you to donate $25 and you get to select the specific person or group that you want your money to go to. It could be a goat farmer in Kenya or a fabric weaver in India or one of thousands of others around the world. Once 100 people donate, the $2500 goes to the entrepreneur so they can purchase the needed supplies to start or grow their business. Soon they’ll be making an income and they’ll pay back the loan. You then get your $25 back and you can either donate it again to another Kiva participant or withdraw your money.

Each year I’ve had the pleasure of watching how this small amount of money has continued to help people around the world. My friends gift of $25 has helped a woman in Africa make a living for her family by selling goats milk, another year it was a group of women sewing clothing and yet another year this kind donation helped a family with their farm.

Earlier this week Kiva posted this inspiring video showing just how many people’s lives have been affected by their generous work done by volunteers, field partners and a team of employees. It should be noted too that 100% of every loan goes directly to the Kiva entrepreneurs. The organization does not take a cut and is funded by grants and optional donations. Love that!!

I’m so glad my friend introduced me to this fantastic group. Together, we’re helping people around the world with just a few clicks on the computer. A little really can go a long way!

If you’d like to learn more or perhaps donate, visit the Kiva website.

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