Inspiring Weight Loss Journey Helps Woman Love Herself Again

Is your New Year’s resolution to get in shape?  That sometimes seems like an insurmountable task.  How about committing to just 100 days?  Lakeisha Shurn was over 300 pounds, suffering from low self-esteem and depression.  But she signed up with this amazing website called, and made a promise to herself.  She was going to go to the gym 100 days in 2013 and get out of the “3oo lb club”, and now her inspiring weight loss journey has helped her love herself again, and inspired others to start the challenge as well.

The whole idea behind is that everyone starts as a beginner.  But if you commit to 100 days of practice, you’ll get better.  The website asks you to take a video of yourself each day to track your progress and upload it to their site.

This is exactly what Lakeisha did, and it just might inspire you to get out there as well!  Watch her inspiring video above, and check out her page on and follow her progress.

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