Heartwarming Deer Rescue From Frozen Lake Caught on Video

I think it’s a truth that how we treat the animals in our world is how we should want to be treated.  This father and son show an incredible kindness to 3 deer that were stranded, tired, and unable to move from a frozen lake in  Minnesota.  And this amazing deer rescue is caught on video.

This is an ad for the GOPro camera, but it captures a real, heartwarming act.  It all started when KAAL TV, posted a story to Facebook about some deer that were stranded in the middle of Albert Lea Lake.  James Kenison saw the post and decided to do something.  The Kenison family own MedCity Hovercraft, who specialize in hovercraft tours, sales, and rescue missions.

 Kenison told HLN TV that he knew exactly where the deer where, just by reading the story.  So he and his dad headed out to the lake.  The deer had been stuck for a few days, so the two were expecting the worst.  But when they arrived, the animals were simply laying flat on the ice.

Kenison recorded the rescue mission with a GoPro camera.  The two rode their hovercrafts onto the frozen lake, tied the deer up, and brought them back to the shore.  They saved 3 deer that day, as after a rest, all three survived.  He posted the video to his Facebook page, but once GoPro heard about it, they approached Kenison to obtain the footage of this touching deer rescue.

Doog News has another great deer rescue caught on tape and check out these amazing photos of a young boy rescuing  a deer from a flooded river.

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