Happy Sled Dog Can’t Contain Excitement To Start Race

The Sochi 2014 Olympics are under way.  And as we watch the best athletes in the world compete, it’s hard not to feel patriotic and excited for the competition.  Here’s a  happy sled dog that is extremely excited to compete!  Yes, sled dogs are athletes too!  And he even talks (it sounds like he’s saying “Run, Run, Run!”)

This is the start of the Apostle Island Dog Sled Race in Bayfield, WI.  The talking dog’s name is O’Reily and he’s part of Jim’s Team made up of rescue dogs.  O’Riely is so happy to race that he jumps up and down and squeals with glee.  The handlers can hardly hold back this happy sled dog from starting the run.  Talk about a born athlete!

Go for the gold O’Reily!

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