The Happy Movie – Can You Be Happier?

Doog News loves to post happy stories to share happiness and joy in our world that is so often a place full of sadness and horror. It seems our society is always in search of happiness and lots more of it. The American Dream for example, a life full of health and happiness. You know, the white picket fence and such. But are we really happy? Some of us are and some of us aren’t. But how do we get happy or happier? Or are we pre-determined to a certain level of happiness at birth? Is it nature or nurture?

While this is not a traditional happy news story, this documentary from Academy Award director Roko Belic called Happy gets down to the nitty gritty of what makes us happy. It really doesn’t take much to increase one’s happiness level but this film sure is an interesting perspective on the whole thing especially the differences among various societies around the world. You can watch the trailer for the movie above and then we highly recommend you watch the full documentary as we’re pretty sure you’ll find even one small way to increase your happiness and ultimately that of the world around you. It’s only 1 hour and 15 minutes and a short investment of your time towards a happier future!

It’s amazing how when one person is happy, those around them can more easily be happier. The joy is possibly contagious and why not encourage more happiness amongst ourselves, our loved ones and the greater world we live in. That’s essentially the mandate of Doog News so come on, as rapper Pharrell says in his hit song, ‘Let’s get happy!’ We at Doog News watched the film and loved it. We think you will too.

To learn more about the documentary you can visit their website. Have a Doog News Day!

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