Friday Funny: Human Foosball!

If you grew up in North America then you likely have played or at least seen a foosball table. You know, the plastic stake-like figures are the players and they play a version of ‘soccer’ as they ‘kick’ the ball and try to score. All of this operated by spinning the bars of players. If you’ve seen it this will make sense. If not, I’m sure you think I’m crazy and that was a horrible description. But anyway, most arcades had foosball tables and if you were super lucky, you might have had one at home. Oh the hours spent playing foosball.

Well this video made me laugh. Someone built their very own human foosball court on their property but it’s people who actually do the kicking, not the plastic figurines. I love that this group must absolutely adore this game and figured hey why not?! And they sure seem to like playing. I think the neighbour walking by was a bit envious and wanted to get in on the action as well. Too funny!

We hope this made you smile and everyone at Doog News wishes you a Happy Friday!

Photo credit: flickr Raffi Asdourian


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