Former Students Say Thanks to Favorite Teacher

Teachers are the unsung heroes of the world.  We probably all have at least one teacher that really made an impact in our lives.  Whether it was a teacher that gave us that extra push to live up to our potential, a teacher who just believed in us, or a teacher who just listened, teachers make a difference in the lives of kids.

In this video a group of former students gather to surprise one of those amazing teachers,  Mrs. Flexer.  It’s her last day, so with the help of Kid President,  the grateful group came together in her classroom to show their appreciation for the difference this amazing lady has made to make these students into better people.  Mrs. Flexer is certainly surprised, and overcome with emotion as the former students tell her why she is so special.  From the student who went on to a track scholarship, to the one who couldn’t be there because he was writing his law exams, to the student who just sang a song in grade one after Mrs. Flexer encouraged her, they all have a special memory of their favorite teacher.

Thank you Mrs. Flexer for all you did during your career to make young students grow into good people.  And thanks to all the teachers out there who are doing the same thing every day, often having to spend their own money and time, just because they care.  So your job this week is to go out and thank a teacher, because they deserve it!

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Video credit: Soulpancake

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