Father’s Reaction to Son Coming Out Shows What It Means to be a Dad

What does it mean to be a good dad?  Is it providing a home and the best clothes and things?  Not a chance.  The most important part of being a dad? Unconditional love. It seems so simple, but for many children, it’s not the case.

Corbyn Tyson explores what it means to be a good dad in his series “The Fatherhood Project”. This is a series that looks at what it means to be a father today. This video tells the story of Charlie and Chuck.

Chuck Hutson didn’t know how his very conservative father would react when he told him he was gay. His dad was always there for him growing up, but he had fears of rejection and that maybe his dad wouldn’t want to talk to him anymore.

Chuck had no reason to worry. His dad’s reaction? Unconditional love. Dad Charlie said “If you love your kids, and you love them unconditionally, you’ll accept their paths in life. If you don’t, you’re going to miss out on a lot.”

For dad Charlie, there was no way he would react differently. “For me it’s hard to imagine telling someone you love that you don’t want to be around them” he says. “I can’t imagine living my life without Chuck in it.”

Chuck knows that his dad’s reaction isn’t necessarily the norm. “This experience I’ve had with my dad is awesome, because I know a lot of people can’t say that”, he says of his relationship with his father. “I’m grateful for it and I don’t take it for granted”.

According to filmmaker Tyson, the three keys to being a good dad are:

  1. You have to be present
  2. You have to work hard
  3. You have to live a life for others by having unconditional love, no matter what.

Fatherhood can be a tough job, but a simple one at the same time, because the most important thing is love.

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.- Sigmund Freud

What do you think are the most important keys to being a good dad? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: Soulpancake: Fatherhood Project

Written and Produced by Corbyn Tyson

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