Driving Dogs Deserve a Home

Ok so you might have noticed that we at Doog News LOVE our pooches! Our rescue pup is the 4-legged love of our lives and we’re so grateful to have found him at the pound 12 years ago. But, there’s so many other pups (and cats and other animals) available for adoption and this SPCA video from New Zealand is an awesome way to show just how wonderful rescue pups can be.

And talented!! This amazing video shows not just one but 3 pooches that have been trained to drive a car! Yup, you read that right. Keeping their paws on the wheel, you can see Porter the Pup start the car, put it in gear and then drive it on a track. For everyone’s safety the Mini Cooper is restricted to a slow speed but that doesn’t matter – the dog is driving the car!! This is awesome and these driving dogs definitely deserve a home!

Oh and by the way, a dog doesn’t need to drive a car to be awesome and adoptable. All rescue pets are awesome in their own special ways. Ours for one is a talented escape artist (see video here), but his best quality, like all other rescue pets, he loves us unconditionally and there’s nothing better than that!

If you’re able to bring an animal into your life, it will be one of the best decisions you can make. Please consider contacting your local SPCA for more info.

Photo credit: YouTube

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