Doog News Classic – Madeline Loves the Train

Kids love trains.  Whether it’s Thomas the Tank Engine, or the Little Train that Could (I think I can, I think I can!), there’s just something about that locomotive that kids get excited about.  And none get more excited than little Madeline, who got to ride on a train for her 3rd birthday.

I think we can all remember getting excited as a child about the things we loved to do.  Well little Madeline Dubois was simply beside herself with joy when she got her third birthday wish – her first train ride.

Madeline’s dad, Daniel Dubois said although he knew his daughter would be happy, he had not predicted the level of excitement the present would bring.

The short video was shared with family and friends on YouTube two years ago, but after an unknown person posted it on Reddit it spread across the globe at incredible speed.

Little Madeline has moved on from her love of trains, but as you watch this video, maybe for a moment you can see the world through the eyes of a child one more time!

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