Dolphin Caught in Fishing Line Rescued by Divers

This is an amazing story of humans and animals working together, that shows you how intelligent dolphins can be.  It’s an amazing dolphin rescue, caught on video

On January 11th, 2013 a group of divers were swimming at night in the waters of Garden Eel Cove, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  It’s an area of the ocean known for the gathering of manta rays.

While the divers swam amongst the mantas, a bottlenose dolphin swam up to them.  Upon closer inspection, the divers realized that the dolphin was hooked with a fishing line, entangled between its pectoral fin and mouth.  The dolphin’s movement was being restricted, so the dive instructors decided they would take action.

One of the divers signals the dolphin to come to him, and somehow the dolphin understands and swims right up and waits patiently, knowing that the diver just wanted to help it.

The camera person that day was Martina Wing, and she describes the dolphin rescue:

Martina Wing - Captured Dolphin Rescue on Video“I was very surprised at how patiently the dolphin was with the time it took for the “rescue” and also that it didn’t seem to mind all the lights being pointed at it. The dolphin was definitely stressed out by the entanglement, but at the same time intelligent enough to realize that the “bubble-blowing creatures” were the “solution” to its problem.

I was astonished to observe how the dolphin actively participated, by turning it’s body to a better position so that my lights were illuminating the best possible angle, helping the diver to see what he was doing (and for me to film.)

When it was all over and the dolphin swam away, my breathing rate was so rapid. I couldn’t believe what had happened and I wanted to share this with everyone. Nevertheless, I still had to finish the dive and continued filming the Manta Rays and other divers. At some point, I swam up to the rescue diver and we “High Fived!””

Check out the amazing video of this heartwarming rescue above. And see another incredible rescue on Doog News, this time of a group of deer stuck on a frozen lake.

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Source: Ocean Wings Hawaii

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