Disabled Dogs Play Fetch

As pet owners we sometimes have to face the daunting task of making health decisions for our furry friends. It might be as simple as what type of food to feed them, but on the other end of the spectrum, when a pet is really sick, the decisions can be really tough.

Sometimes when pets have mobility issues ie.bad back or legs or hips, one of the options is putting them down. If a pet needs an amputation or won’t be able to walk again, we humans wonder if they can be truly happy with the consequences. Sometimes people opt to put their pet down and sometimes they don’t.

In this video by German YouTuber Gritta Goetz you’ll see not one, but many dogs who were given the opportunity to live life even with their physical disabilities. While the pooches have lost the use of their back legs, they’ve been given a way to be mobile with the use of a wheelcart.

This video warms my heart as the dogs using the wheelcarts appear to be equally as happy as their able-bodied doggie counterparts doing what dogs love to do: chasing a stick playing fetch. It appears that the disabled pooches don’t even realize that they’re different than their 4-legged friends. How sweet. They’re all having such a Doog News Day frolicking in the fields. We hope this video warms your heart too and we wish you a Doog News Day!

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