Daddy Daughter Duet Eases Fears of 4 Year Old

Fireworks are usually a symbol of celebration but they’re not always welcomed. Four year old Adelaide is afraid of fireworks and when she couldn’t sleep because she thought she could hear fireworks, her dad Benjamin thought that singing together could distract her. In this video the daddy daughter duet helps to ease the fears of Adelaide, but as you’ll see, she’s not completely distracted.

With a pink ukulele in hand, Benjamin plays and together they sing “Tonight You Belong To Me”. Definitely led by Adelaide, she adorably stops her dad mid song with a ‘Shhh!’ every time she thinks she hears another firework. And to add to the string accompaniment, the duo does some fantastic mouth trumpets too.

And then as the song nears the end, Adelaide really takes off and shows her Broadway-bound vocal chops. She’s just so cute and this dad gets major brownie points! Not just for playing the ukulele and singing with his daughter but for thinking of singing to preoccupy his little girl’s mind with the hopes of helping her feel more safe and not afraid. Ok, all together now….awe!!!

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