Throwback Thursday – Heartwarming Coke Super Bowl Commercial

It’s Throwback Thursday, where Doog News posts a classic commercial or video from our childhood.  This Coke Super Bowl ad is still rated as one of the best, most heartwarming commercials of all time.  The commercial actually debuted in 1979, but was shown in the 1980 Super Bowl.  It features “Mean” Joe Greene, defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers and a young fan who just wants to give the football player a Coke.  The commercial was so popular that it inspired a T.V. movie starring Greene and ET’s Henry Thomas, called The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid.

The heartwarming commercial is listed as one of the top ten commercials of all time by multiple sources, including TV Guide magazine.

And if you want to see one of this year’s heartwarming Super Bowl Commercials, check out this adorable Budweiser ad about a puppy and a horse.

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