Coffee For Cancer Patients

In 2006, Dan Dewey’s father was battling cancer.  While sitting with his Dad at his chemo appointment at a hospital in Michigan, Dan’s dad had a craving for coffee.  Before leaving for the coffee shop, Dan took everyone’s order and headed out to bring back the coffee for the cancer patients.

Dan’s dad beat his prostate cancer 8 weeks later, but Dan kept bringing coffee.  He loved how such a simple gesture would make people smile.  So Dan keeps delivering coffee with Dan’s Coffee Run, by visiting 2 different Michigan cancer clinics every week.  Dan’s bought hundreds of coffees for people battling cancer, spending over $10,000 of his own money on this heartwarming, inspiring gesture.

Dan’s dad passed away in 2008, but Dan still makes the coffee run every week.  He’s only missed one week since 2006.

Some fan’s of Dan set up a Facebook page to help get Dan donations to continue his coffee run. They have raised several thousand dollars to help cover the costs for the last few years.   And in November of 2013, Dan appeared on the Queen Latifah show, where she presented him with a $10,000 Starbucks card to use for his amazing deliveries.

Dan says there is only one reason he does this, for the smiles.

“The smile is all I need to show up,” Dewey says.  “That’s it. If I can count on that, forget the rest.”

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