Bubbles & Bella – Elephant & Dog Best Friends

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, especially in the animal world. But perhaps there are none like Bubbles & Bella.

Bubbles the elephant was orphaned when she was just a calf in Africa.  She was adopted by the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina in 1983.   In 2007 Bubbles met a stray black lab named Bella.  They soon became inseperable, taking walks together and hanging out in the park, and amazingly, spending their days in the water.  The parks director says that Bubbles loves to play in the river with her canine companion Bella, spending hours while the lab jumps from the elephants back, fetching a ball.  And Bubbles will only stay in water if Bella is in the river with her.

Bubbles and other animals are part of a wild life conservation effort called The Rare Species Fund, that is sponsored by the Myrtle Beach Safari. The fund was established in 1982 to provide financial support to on-site wildlife conservation projects and wildlife education programs around the world.

‘They just love to romp around together,’ says Bhagavan Antle, director of the wildlife park in California where the Bella and Bubbles live.

Antle came across the Bubbles as a baby when she weighed 340lbs and was 42in tall.

The trainer describes her as ‘small and helpless for an elephant’, after her parents were killed for their tusks.

Now 30 years old and over 9ft, Bubbles weighs approximately four tons, and you may recognize the elephant from the movie Ace Venture and a Janet Jackson music video.

You can become a fan on her Facebook Page.

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Photo: ©Barry Bland

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