British Adventurer Runs Across Canada

Jamie McDonald spent his younger years living in and out of hospital facilities in the UK fighting a rare disease. He’s from Gloucester, England and is so very grateful that the doctors helped him and now he’s giving back. This British adventurer is running across Canada in an effort to raise funds for Children’s Hospitals in both the UK and in Canada. He’s decided to be a pay it forward fundraising adventurer crossing Canada running a marathon a day.

If he completes this goal he’ll be the first person to run across Canada without a support team and it will have taken him less than a year to do it. He started his marathon a day adventure last March in Newfoundland and is set to complete his journey tomorrow in Vancouver and Tuesday in Victoria.

He’s doing this adventure completely unassisted with no support van and no marketing team. It’s just him alone wearing his comic superhero Flash outfit and pushing his belongings in a baby stroller. He’s quite the sight to see! Along the way he’s had some ups and downs aside from Canada’s vast terrain including being beat up and almost arrested a few times. He told CTV News that some people called the cops about someone dressed in a Flash costume pushing a baby along the highway through a snow storm. I’d probably call the cops too.

But this adventurer pushes on through snow, sleet, hail and sun and is so close to his goal – he’s on the final stretch! Financially, he’s been successful as well raising almost $120,000 for Canadian children’s hospitals in each province he’s passed through. Plus, another £36,000 for two charities in the UK. If you’d like to support his journey, see his videos from along his route or donate, visit his website.

One major motivation for Jamie has been Canadian Hero Terry Fox. This video shows Jamie’s journey starting in Newfoundland at the Terry Fox Tribute Statue and then arriving in Thunder Bay where Terry’s adventure ended. When Jamie arrives in Vancouver tomorrow he’ll pay tribute to Terry Fox once again by running from BC Children’s Hospital to the Terry Fox Memorial Statue outside of BC Place Stadium and everyone is invited to run this leg with him starting at about 1:45pm. And to commemorate his cross country journey he’ll head to English Bay where he’ll dip his hand in the Pacific Ocean, after over 200 marathons since he dipped his hand in the Atlantic. Full details of his arrival celebrations are listed on his website.

Well I’m not sure about you but it takes a lot to get me out and exercising. I’ve never run a marathon and certainly not over 200 of them day after day after day. Jamie McDonald in my opinion is a superhero for sure and an amazing human being. What a wonderful inspiration and heartwarming story of a boy from England (his words) doing what he can to help others. So selfless. Now you’d imagine he’d take a very long vacation and relish in his accomplishment after this feat but I bet this won’t be the last we’ll see of him. He’s already thinking about what adventure he’ll do next! Congrats Jamie! You’re amazing!

Source: CTV News

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