Boy Finds Forever Family Via TV & Adoption

Gloria Campos & Ke’onte Cook reunited

Sometimes a job is just a job. Sometimes it’s so much more. Gloria Campos of Texas used her job for good and boy oh boy did she succeed. She has been a reporter/anchor with WFAA-TV in Texas (an ABC affiliate) for 30 years and for 25 of those years she did a feature each week on a foster child with the hopes that they’d be seen, loved and adopted into a forever family. Over the years she met with over 350 kids and featured them on TV in the segment called ‘Wednesday’s Child’.  The feature was a huge success as 75% of those foster kids were adopted. 75%!! Through a simple TV news story, Gloria helped so many parents find their kids and kids find their parents. That is an incredible thing!

You’ll see in this video that she truly cared about each of these kids and really wanted to help them and help make a difference in their lives. In this case a boy named Ke’onte Cook was featured in her Wednesday’s Child broadcast and his soon to be parents just happened to be watching. They knew right away that he was meant to be their son and they made it so. Now 14, Ke’onte is a happy teen who is very grateful for his forever family and also grateful to Gloria for putting him on TV years ago.

As Gloria is being honoured for her work over the years she gets a special surprise from Ke’onte live during the broadcast. You can feel her emotion and pure joy. She is simply so happy that he has found love. Now that’s someone who loves her job. And fair enough, what a rewarding experience that must be for her.

Congrats Gloria on a successful television broadcasting career and even more importantly for bringing so many families together! Amazing.

Credit: ABC News

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