Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Bilodeau Inspired by Disabled Brother

Canadian Olympic skier and now two-time Gold Medalist Alexandre Bilodeau is inspired by his disabled brother Frederic.  At the finish line in 2010 in Vancouver and again today in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Alex’s brother Frederic wouldn’t miss this big day and was one of the first people to congratulate his brother on his new gold.

Alex’s first sport as a young boy was hockey, but when he realized his big brother who has cerebral palsy couldn’t skate, he decided to give up that sport and try skiing. Turns out his brother Frederic could ski too so it became a family sport and wherever Alex was Frederic was nearby cheering him on.

Alex has been inspired by his brother over and over seeing Frederic push his limits due to his unlimited determination. Frederic reminds Alex that every step he takes in his freestyle moguls skiing career, regardless of how big or small, he’s steps ahead than the previous day, month or year. While Frederic has many reasons to complain, he never does and that inspires Alex to do his best, simply because he can. They both draw inspiration and support from each other.

Today is Family Day in British Columbia, Canada and I can’t think of a more perfect day to share this heartwarming video of two brother’s being there for each other and inspiring success in everything they do. Congrats Alex and congrats Frederic! You’re both worthy of gold medals in our eyes!

Source: CTV


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