Adorable 2 Year Old Sings Oh Canada!

Most people know how to sing their National Anthem but sometimes they don’t get all of the words right. And hey, they’re forgiven as it’s not that often that we sing it. Professional singers however who mess up the words while singing in front of a crowd…..well, up to you if they’re forgiven.

Now what if a 2 year old sings her National Anthem and doesn’t get every word correct? Forgiven? I’d say absolutely. Most two year olds are still learning how to talk and their singing abilities are limited to songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and maybe some Baby Beluga, if that.

Check out this adorable 2 year old singing Oh Canada! Her name is Brooklyn and she pretty much nails it and then free styles a little bit but in my books she gets extra points for that. She’s just too cute!! And look at her I <3 Canada shirt, adorbs! I’m super impressed!

Oh and to quote her ending words “Go Canada Go!”

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