Adopted Twin Sisters Reunited by Facebook After 26 years

Facebook has an amazing way of bringing long-lost friends together, but this is an incredible story of how Facebook reunited 2 twin sisters, separated at birth and living continents apart.

Anais Bordier lives in Paris, France.  She was on Facebook when she saw a picture of Los Angeles based actress Samantha Futerman.  She noticed a striking resemblance in how the two looked, so she decided to contact Samantha by e-mail in February last year to tell her that she thought they looked alike.

Twins Separated at birth reconnect on Facebook

Anais contacts Samantha for the first time on Facebook.
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After corresponding by email the two noticed there were a few other similarities. Bordier, a fashion designer in France, and Futerman also shared the exact same birthday, were born in the same city in Korea, and both were adopted at the age of 4 months.

“When I saw her profile, it was crazy,” Samantha told Good Morning America. “She looked just like me.”

After many online chats and emails, 3 months after their first contact, the two decided to meet face to face in London. They found they both had similar likes and dislikes. They both loved Harry Potter and many of the same tv shows. They had the exact same laugh and shared the same pet peeves. Despite the obvious physical resemblance, the two decided to carry out a DNA test to confirm what they both believed, that they were actually twin sisters. The results of that DNA test proved that the two were sisters, and after 26 years apart, the twins feel like they have filled a missing void. “I did feel like I missed something,” Ms Bordier said. “I had an imaginary friend when I was a kid … and she was called Anne.”

The story of their birth parents and how the two sisters were separated remains a mystery. The twins have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise 80,000 dollars to create a documentary film about this amazing story of their reunion, and they have officially reached their goal. You can see the trailer for this film below.

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