Iraqi War Vet Finds Healing with Therapy Dog & Cat

Stephen Simmons is an Iraqi war veteran.  He returned home in 2008, but found life difficult as he struggled with Post traumatic stress disorder.   He had a rollercoaster of emotions, sometimes making normal everyday things a significant challenge and even was a contributing factor to his homelessness.  He had lost hope and the will to get up each day.  All that changed when animals came into his life.

One of the things that Stephen has been most grateful for is that he’s not alone on this journey.  Instead of going to a dark place, Stephen has found solace with his pets.  His therapy dog, Puppi, and Burma, the Adventure cat.  These two buddies have given Simmons a reason to continue to get better and fight.  Stephen’s passion is hiking and he takes both Puppi and Burma with him wherever he goes on the trails and mountains of Oregon.  Yes Burma is a hiking cat!  Puppi & Burma continue to inspire Stephen to get outside and enjoy his appreciation and love for nature.

Pet’s have an amazing  instinctual ability to absorb our bad days and amplify our good days. And in doing so Stephen’s pets have helped him see past the darkness and focus on hope. They’ve helped to improve his state of mind and remind him of the fact that he’s not alone.

For more information about Stephen’s adventures with Puppi and Burma, check out his website and check out Burma the Adventure cat’s  instagram.

Watch this heartwarming and inspiring journey as this video proves the power of pets in healing and that life is better with pets.

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