2 Year Old Figure Skater Amazes

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to try out figure skating as a kid and it ended up being my sport. I got my first pair of skates when I was 6 and skated competitively until I was 13. I was never all that great at it but it sure was fun.

Many kids get an even earlier start at different sports and if they take to it, they certainly can get an edge on their competition. And here’s a prime example. This little girl from Russia is only 2 years old. TWO! Most kids only start walking at around age 1 and here she is, a 2 year old figure skater amazing the crowd as she ice skates in a competition doing a 3 minute program with a ton of great skills. While most kids at age 2 are still learning coordination and balance with walking and running, here she is succeeding in both of those and on slippery ice to boot!

Her tiny little legs are practically too short still to be able to pull off some of these skills (like cross overs for example) but she impresses everyone with her performing ability, her speed, her lack of fear and the fact that she’s just too plain cute! I love that she can pull off stroking, spirals, squats, and even spins and jumps of her own design! And, the fact that this 2 year old figure skater can even remember an entire 3 minute routine! If I was a gambler I’d bet we might just see her in the Winter Olympics one day. Super impressive!

And here’s another Olympian in the making story but this time about a weight lifter with down syndrome.

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