100 Year Old Best Friends Give Opinion on Pop Culture

Irene Cook and Alice Jensen have been are 100 year old best friends, who have known each other since they were 6 years old.  Both these ladies are 100 years old, so that’s a 94 year friendship!  Imagine what you would think of today’s world if you grew up in the 30’s?!  The Steve Harvey show interviewed these two BFFs and asked them questions about pop culture, and some of their answers are hilarious!

According to ABC news 7, the two met in Chicago in 1918 in the first grade.

“First grade grammar school at St. Gregory’s School. . .Yes, we took to each other almost immediately,” said Jensen.

“We lived in the same neighborhood. We were only a block away. So whatever she did, I did too,” said Cook.

“What did I like about her? Well, she was always willing to shut up and listen to me. Ha, ha, ha, ha,” said Jensen.

“What did we do that the Lord is keeping us here. We must have done something good. I don’t know,” said Cook.

When they met Woodrow Wilson was president. Imagine what they think of a world of selfies, Justin Beiber, and twerking?!  Find out in this adorable video.

Source:  The Steve Harvey Show

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