Young Boy Creates Charity To Help Homeless Kids

homeless kids

At the age of 4 he and his family visited skid row in Los Angeles to feed the homeless. Young Jonas couldn’t comprehend how some people didn’t have homes. Two years later he told his mom he wanted to do something to help and so his mom called some local shelters and missions but discovered he was too young to volunteer.

So, at just 6 years old he told his mom he wanted to start his own charity to help the homeless and that’s exactly what he did. Now, with 4 years experience his charity called “Love in the Mirror” helps homeless kids and disadvantaged youth.

He told the “Today” show that all kids should be able to look in the mirror and have clothes and toys and be able to love themselves. “It’s not right for kids and adults on the streets having nothing. Everyone should have a home.”

What an inspiring young man. While most kids his age are playing video games, he’s making a difference. To find out more or to donate, visit

Source: NBC

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