World Adoption Day November 9th!

World Adoption Day

I’m so excited to share this Doog News story with you today. I just learned that for the 1st time ever there will be a world wide celebration of adoptive families on November 9th. That’s just 40 days away! This special day is called World Adoption Day and as an adoptive family ourselves, you can guarantee that us Doog Newsers will be celebrating.

As you may recall in our Hello Again post from a few months back, we announced that our family grew by one (plus our birth family) all thanks to adoption. Our beautiful little girl is now 6 months old and currently squealing and teething (there’s two chompers coming in yet she continues to smile and play – she amazes us every day!). We are so blessed to be an official family of 3 (plus our 4-legged boy Teddy Bear of course) and thrilled about World Adoption Day.

Everyone is invited to participate and celebrate on November 9th. You don’t even have to be an adoptive family, or an adoptee, or even someone thinking about adoption. On November 9th we can all celebrate adoption by posting a photo of ourselves with our families and friends and using the hashtag #worldadoptionday. But this won’t be your usual selfie. The extra special part of this photo is that you’re invited to include your hands up smiley face (see example below). ¬†We’ll be posting a photo of our adoptive family and we hope you’ll help us celebrate and support adoption too.

Hands Up Smiley Face

Adoption really is an amazing way to build a family and we’re excited to share our joy on World Adoption Day! A day to recognize the beauty that is adoption, and through it, families are created and grown. November 9th is marked in our calendar and well, let’s be honest, we’ll definitely be celebrating that day, but we’re joyful about and grateful for our family every day! Oh and I think our celebration will involve some cake. Chocolate for sure!

To learn more about World Adoption Day please visit

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