I Want You To Be Happy Day!

Doog News will make you smile

March 3rd marks I Want You To Be Happy Day! What does that mean? Well, it’s pretty simple…exactly that! It’s a day to wish happiness upon those we care about and love. And how can we do this? However you like!

It might be a simple phone call, an e-card, a note or an email. Or maybe it’s flowers, or something specific that you know your loved one would like. Chocolates perhaps?! Or some compliments whether it’s about what they’re wearing, how they make you feel or their amazing cooking!

The options are endless and you know your friends and loved ones best, so choose something that you know will make them happy!

We at Doog News want you to be happy too so here’s a cute photo from us that we think will make you smile. Now if only you could eat it! Doesn’t it look yummy!? We hope you have a Doog News Day today!








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Happy Cookie Photo: Flickr / Main Photo: Flickr

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