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Leah Altizer

World Adoption Day

In celebration of the upcoming 1st ever World Adoption Day on November 9th, Doog News, as an Ambassador for this exciting event, has invited friends who are connected to adoption in a variety of different ways to submit writings about adoption. Between now and November 9th we're excited to post these stories to give some insight into what life is like when it involves adoption. We encourage you to follow along and read the various postings whether it's about a family who has adopted a child, to someone who was adopted, to the perspective of an adoption counsellor, and even a family who has decided to adopt and now waits and wonders if and when they'll be parents. In all of these stories there is one common factor: love. Please join us on this celebratory journey as we lead up to World Adoption Day.

Becoming a parent is arguably one of the most amazing blessings in life and when it doesn’t happen as planned there are other options. Thankfully, adoption is one of those options. Today we’d like to introduce you to Leah and Ryan who are hopeful adoptive parents. They’ve done all of the preliminary work and are now waiting and hoping to become a family. This is their story. Enjoy!


Choosing baby names, assembling a crib, sewing a quilt.  We are technically “expectant parents” but these are things we are somewhat hesitant about.  Building our family through adoption means that we are every bit as excited about our future baby as we would be if we were doing things “the old fashioned way” but the length of our “paper pregnancy” could range from a couple months to many years.

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We have been married for twelve years and it’s been an action-packed life.  We’ve been busy completing our education, buying a house, working, traveling and doing all sorts of other normal things that “double income no kids” couples do.  It never occurred to us that when the time came to start a family, it wouldn’t happen immediately.  But after a couple years of trying, we figured out that something wasn’t working.  Adoption was always in the back of our minds and this made our decision about what to do next a simple one: we dove right into adoption!

Leah treeLike anything of great importance, the process of adopting a baby has its challenges.  It can be invasive, heartbreaking, frustrating at times.  There are times when the wait seems unbearable.  It’s easy to become obsessed. We keep distracted and avoid going crazy by living in the moment, staying busy, being productive and enjoying lots of activities with family and friends. We realize the futility of putting our lives on hold or trying to be in charge of something we have very little control over.

When we consider the future, however, we have nothing but optimism and hope.  We will be wonderful parents.  Our child will have a fantastic life.  We will have a fulfilling relationship with our child’s birth family.  The difficult parts of this journey will be a distant memory, completely eclipsed by the new happy memories we will create together as a family.  Adoption really is a loving and beautiful choice.  It is the greatest adventure of our lives.

If you or someone you know in Canada is pregnant and considering making an adoption plan, we ask that you will please consider us as potential parents.  Our profile can be viewed here and our full homestudy can be viewed by contacting Sunrise Adoption in North Vancouver at www.sunriseadoption.com or 1-888-984-2488.  You can also email us for more information at ryanandleahadopt@gmail.com


World Adoption Day is November 9th, 2014. To find out how you can join in the celebration visit WorldAdoptionDay.org and have a Doog News Day!

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Doog News is proud to be an official Ambassador of World Adoption Day. Learn more about our adoption story here.


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