Volunteers Pay It Forward to Help BC Family After Terrible Loss

Karissa Davis and the Rockridge Fine Homes Team
Karissa Davis and the Rockridge Fine Homes Team

The Davis Family

The mainstream media will have you believe that there is no good left in the world, that we all walk around only thinking of ourselves.  But this is a story of a community coming together to help a family that just suffered a terrible loss. A story of volunteers and companies helping out, not to for publicity or recognition, but just because they wanted to do something nice for someone and pay it forward.

Steve Davis

Steve Davis

In 2012 Steve Davis, from British Columbia, Canada,  was diagnosed with ALS, a disease that kills the neurons that control muscles. Steve’s symptoms progressed very rapidly and he died earlier in 2014, leaving behind his loving wife and 2 kids.  In the aftermath of such terrible heartbreak, a Vancouver,BC homebuilding company, Rockridge Fine Homes wanted to do something nice for Steve’s widow, Karessa, and her two children.  

Rockridge asked a bunch of local businesses if they could help out, and found a dedicated group of volunteers, and completely renovated the Davis’ backyard, to make it into somewhere beautiful that the family could spend time together in.

So on a rainy weekend in June the group got together, with their donated goods and equipment and did just that.  From the Rockridge Homes Facebook page:

“Thank you so much to all who gave of their time and talents this past weekend – it was amazing to see everyone pull together to help out Karessa Davis and bless her with a new yard. She recently lost her husband Steve Davis to ALS, and we wanted to help out and give her a nice place where her boys could play, and where she could relax. I was so blessed with how everyone I contacted was quick to donate of their time or product to make this happen. So thank you all so much – it is greatly appreciated!

Thank you to Blackwoods Home Hardware for donating lumber for the retaining wall, Bobcat West for providing his superior skills on the bobcat, Redline Excavating for the same on the excavator, Riediger Trucking for giving of their time for hauling of rock and topsoil, The Answer Garden products for donating the topsoil, Lafarge for donating the crushed rock, TeerCo landscaping for taking care of the plantings, and Bos Sod for providing the turf.   Thank you to my guys Lloyd, Peter and Dan for helping to make this a success. And thank also to Lloyd and Tara, Kevin and Ang, Harold, Todd, Nate, Darren, Aiden, Val for bringing lunch and anyone else I missed for all your hard work. Amazing!!”

What an amazing way to pay it forward.  Check out the pictures of this heatwarming and inspiring act.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out, and of course Rockridge Fine Homes, for organizing this beautiful act of kindness.  Make sure to check out their Facebook page here.

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