Vacation of Volunteering After Typhoon Haiyan

vacation of volunteering

Vancouver couple Jenn Walter and Nils Gorseth had planned to vacation in the Philippines in December but after Typhoon Haiyan levelled the area they had to rethink their trip. Instead of cancelling though, they decided to make it a relief effort trip by volunteering their time for 5 weeks helping the survivors and homeless. Nils is a fire fighter and already had some disaster relief experience so after raising $10,000 through online donations, he and Jenn helped in the recovery and rebuilding of isolated fishing communities in the devastated region. They say they were inspired by the resilience and joy that the people there had despite the amount of loss they had experienced. “Every time we were able to hand something over or give something to a family or a community or a child – the looks on their faces, it’s pretty incredible; I don’t think I’ll ever forget that,” Jenn told CTV News. Wow, what kindness. Inspiring.

Source: CTV



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