Technology Helps African Mom Find Twins 20 Years After Adoption

Ashley and Taylor

Technology is an amazing thing and something we in the first world take for granted. Not everyone in the world has a cell phone, or access to the internet or a Facebook account. But, thanks to all of these things, a mom in Africa now knows where her twin daughters are 20 years after their adoption. This is an incredible story!

Ethan Faber works for CTV News in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was selected to travel to Africa to do stories on the region and share them with viewers across Canada. While in Sierra Leone, Ethan met a cab driver named Massa who toured him around the area. What Ethan didn’t realize at the time is that he would help to end the torment of an African mother who’d lost touch with her twin daughters twenty years earlier.

When the cabbie discovered Ethan was from Canada he asked him if he knew of a place called British Columbia. That just happened to be the Province that Ethan grew up in and continues to call home. The cab driver was shocked and insisted Ethan meet his wife Augusta. So off they went to Massa’s home where Augusta showed Ethan a photo of her triplets. A boy and two girls. About twenty years earlier they’d been adopted to Canada and while the boy ended up in the Yukon, the girls ended up in British Columbia. Augusta asked Ethan if he knew the children in the photo. Of course he didn’t but he said he’d try to help her find them.

Augusta and kids

With the simple google of their names on his iphone, things that neither Massa nor Augusta have ever heard of, Ethan found the two girls and their adoptive mother. He sent their mom Cheryl a Facebook message and a few days later she replied saying that yes, her girls Ashley and Taylor, were adopted from Africa and that yes, Augusta is their birth mother.

Augusta and Family

Ethan was able to report back to Augusta letting her know that her girls were safe and happy and he even showed her a photo of them now. After 20 years of wondering and worrying about her two baby girls, Augusta was finally relieved. And all it took was a cell phone with internet and a Facebook account. Something we all have, and use regularly. How wonderful that this technology was able to do something amazingly good! Warms my heart.

See Ethan’s full story here.

Photos: CTV News c/o Ethan Faber

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