School Honors Kind Woman Who Waves to Students

Sometimes it’s something as simple as a wave that makes a difference in your day. For years Tinney Davidson would sit by the front window of her Comox home and waves to students who would walk by on their way to Highland Secondary school. The 84 year-old would wave at them on their way to school, on their way to lunch, and on their way home. And every day it makes the students smile.

“I love it,” Davidson, who’s been waving since 2007, told Chek News. “And they seem to love it also. So, you know, it’s been a fun few years.”

On Valentine’s Day the students decided to show Tinney how much they appreciated her small act of kindness by surprising her when they brought her to the school for an assembly in her honor. Tinney arrived Friday to a gym filled with hundreds of Highland Secondary School students standing and waving. The students wanted to show her the positive impact she has had on the kids walking to and from school.

Art and math teacher Charlotte Hood-Carter organized the assembly in Davidson’s honor, but said she can’t take the credit for the idea.  “It all started with one kid in my math class who said, ‘Ms. Tanner, there is a really cool lady who lives down the street who sells hats for cancer. What should we do?’ ” Hood-Carter told the Comox Valley Record.

Waving to students isn’t the only way that Davidson spreads her kindness.  She also knits hats and sells them to people that pass by.  The money she makes off every hat is donated to the local hospital.

Davidson has a granddaughter who battled a severe form of cancer, undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.  Tinney said Friday. “She has long brunette hair and I though she would lose it. So I knitted some hats that she could change as her mood changed.”

Davidson’s granddaughter lived, and so did the donations to the hospital. Davidson has brought over $600 to St. Joseph’s General Hospital.

At the assembly the students painted banners, made Valentine’s card, and created a short video to show their appreciation for the kind lady.  All of the attention was overwhelming, but brought tears of joy to the 84-year-old.  She said she was extremely happy with what the students created.

“I’m overwhelmed, happy and grateful. My happiness is having children wave at me.”

Photo Credit: Comox Valley Record

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