Ring Returned to Widow 70 Years after Husband Died in World War 2

Widow Receives ring from husband

70 years ago Betty McAleenan, 94, gave her husband, Staff Sgt. Robert Griebel, her class ring before he was deployed to fight in World War II. Her husband would fly hundreds of training missions and 38 combat missions, and he carried the beloved ring with him on every one as a reminder of his bride back home.  Robert had once said the ring was the closest thing to being with his beloved wife.

Griebel’s plane wrecked in Papua New Guinea during World War II. It took more than 40 years before crews found the plane’s wreckage and return Robert’s remains. Another 30 years would pass before the ring made its way back to Betty. McAleenan was reunited with the ring she gave her beloved on Sunday, reported TV Station WDAF.

But for McAleenan, it is about finding closure after losing her love. The widow cried as she opened the box and remembered her husband’s heroics.

“I gave it to him so that way we could be together,” she said through tears.

Source: WKOW.COM

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